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Let's Create

Résumés, Business & Project Plans

Do you need a new or updated CV and you don't know how to? 

Are you starting a new business and need some help with creating a business plan that can turn any skeptic into a true believer?

Do you have a project or event to run, but need someone with experience to help you define your goals, pinpoint the risks or strengths and weaknesses, set your milestones and make a marketing plan?

Contact Little Big River for writing and/or strategic planning assistance that doesn't break the bank.

Websites & Marketing Materials

Do you want a new website or upgrade your existing website to one that functions well on all devices, but you don't have the budget to pay a web developer? 

Is your existing website long overdue for an update, but you don't have the time, can't quite manage the app or just don't know where to start?

Do you need an eye-catching press release, newsletter, flyer, brochure or Facebook page to promote your new organisation, business, services or projects?

Contact Little Big River for personalised, local support with basic website creation, media releases and marketing materials.

Digital Media Projects

Do you have something really exciting or important to share, like a new product, new venue, a new program or perhaps even just a community project that is running really well or... needs to reach more people? 

Do you need a hand with filming your success and promoting your initiative or products online? 

Contact Little Big River for affordable digital media projects that you can share with a wide audience, including clients, sponsors and grant funding bodies.

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