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Little Big River Shop coming to the Clarence

What if there was an online store for the Clarence Valley that only sold locally made artworks or products, mostly from locally sourced ingredients, ideas, or materials?

An ethical shop with items that were hand-picked by trusted locals to ensure provenance and quality.... as well as brands that raise money for good causes.

A shop to showcase the strength, bounty and beauty of our region... like this picture I took of a spider web on a foggy morning on the banks of our Big River!

Good news: I am in the process of slowly spinning a Clarence Valley-wide web of passionate people who can make things shine, including local creatives with home-made art or items to sell. 

As a team, many little fish can make a big splash and cause a ripple effect that will improve the economic vitality of the Northern Rivers region.

Seeking Expressions of Interest!
Are you a Clarence Valley artist, community group or small business? Are you already selling online but lack the time to effectively promote your locally made merchandise? Or, maybe you lack the funds or technical skills to start your own e-commerce platform? Then let's do business together!

Barbara Winters

Clarence River Dolphins

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Did you know..

Little Big River is a new initiative that aims to 'Communify' the Clarence wave at a time.

It's about working creatively and collaboratively for the greater good, so that everyone benefits.

How? By c
onnecting all the dots, using stepping stones and building bridges to get everyone's messages across.
Let's invest in our social capital and economic vitality of our beautiful river region. 
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