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In the vast Northern Rivers region, many local services, businesses and community initiatives are flying under the radar. They are not getting the recognition, or "buy in" they deserve. And the Clarence Valley is no exception.


With very few independent local media left and no trusted central point of information, it can be hard to get your messages, products or services across to the right audience.


But what if we pooled some of our resources and worked together to really get to know our communities' interests, needs, services and assets and support and promote each other?

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller
(author, disability rights advocate, activist, lecturer) 

Little Big River aims to 'Communify' the Clarence Valley (one wave at a time!) through community engagement and development. 

This includes establishing a solid web of community leaders, groups and local creatives who will all benefit from being part of this trusted network and can take collective action much more efficiently when it is needed.

My Community Events

Community Engagement

If done properly, community engagement takes time and effort, but can make or break your project, program or event. An authentic, grassroots approach like this can greatly assist your organisation with volunteer recruitment and grant applications as well. Without support from the very people it is meant for, there will be no success.

I take a streamlined and evidence-based approach to community engagement, preferably face-to-face, using my excellent interpersonal people skills. I will really listen to what all stakeholders bring to the table, either for themselves or for their community or cause.

What's more, I will record and document this process through surveys, feedback forms, letters of support and images or audio recordings

Ashby Hall community hosted by Barbara Winters with Yaegl Elder Lenore Parker and Mydyala Corporation bush tucker

By taking the guesswork out of it and getting both support and constructive feedback before you launch a new product, idea, event or service, you (and your organisation or business) can save time, effort and money and avoid costly mistakes.

That's me -->

Community Development

Little Big River loves to take on projects and programs that increase connectedness and promote equality, human rights, social justice, democratic processes, or improve our natural environment. If a cause aligns with my values, I will happily halve my fees for not-for-profit non-governmental organisations.

Does your organisation or agency strive to empower community members to create stronger and more resilient and connected communities? Do you need help with recruiting more members or volunteers for your club or cause?

After finding out what is important to you and to the community you work in (the community engagement phase), we will make a step-by-step community development plan with achievable milestones and goals.

Barbara Winters and Lija Austen with the Ashby Booklet  for community resilience

By taking an asset-based approach to community development (known as 'ABCD') and using the new technologies and tried-and-tested methods that Little Big River has at its disposal, you can start future-proofing your organisation or business.

That's me ---->

Community Event Planning

If you have a community workshop or event to plan, but don't know how to go about it or just lack the community connections in the Clarence Valley or Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to make it happen, then Little Big River and partners can help you or your organisation with community engagement through to event delivery and promotion.

Community events are perfect for promoting positive change, which is what Little Big River is all about. Fundraising events like gala dinners, social justice or mental health-related community drive events, multi-cultural festivals and environmental workshops or presentations are just some examples that can increase a community's or organisation's "social capital" and improve a company's image.

By enlisting experienced event planners (the kind of people who will actually remember to order the recycling bins and First Aid kits!), finding local caterers, and doing all the PR for you, you can focus on the stuff you are good at and really make the event shine.

This Big Idea was mine  :-)

The Big Heart at the Maclean Thank You Day organised by Barbara Winters and the team from Reslient Clarence after the 2022 floods

that's me------>

Great events get to the heart of what the community is all about. Community participation, of any kind, is a method of empowering communities. Social cohesion has been proven to make communities more resilient in case of natural disasters and pandemics and more future proof in general.

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