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Personal Profile

After exploring more than 70 countries, I can confidently say that the beautiful Clarence Valley is the best place to live. My partner and I are the proud owners of a native bush block at the northern tip of the Clarence Valley in Yaegl Country, right between the broadwater at Ashby (pictured here) and the North Arm of the Clarence River, high above Ulgundahi Island and the long lost loggers town of Murrayville. 


I have successfully fulfilled a great variety of paid and unpaid roles on 3 continents. I'm a "career chameleon" who can blend in in any new environment.

Read my professional résumé here

Barbara Winters at the Clarence River broadwater in Ashby

Business profile

Little Big River provides community communications services in the beautiful Clarence Valley and beyond.

The 3 pillars of most commercial businesses are: Marketing - Sales - Service. Little Big River is a bit different in that it's not all about profits but more about 'Communifying' the Clarence. By which I mean pooling resources, skills and knowledge to support and promote our whole region.

My pillars are: Connect ~ Create ~ Communicate. 

Services include (but are not limited to!) content writing, community engagement & development, consultancy, project and event management, basic web design, and digital marketing. 

Find out more about my local services


Location profile

The Big River originates in the Macpherson Ranges, near what is now the Queensland ~ New South Wales border close to Rivertree, just west of Bonalbo, where Koreelah Creek and the Maryland River meet.

'Little Big River', as a new venture, is starting out in the Lower Clarence, at the confluence of the language groups of three First Nations: Bundjalung, Gumbaynggirr and Yaegl. 

It's a journey that begins near Ilarwill ("Black Duck") on Woodford Island, somewhere between the river’s elbow at Ulmarra ("Bend in the River") and the river's mouth at Iluka (meaning “Near the Sea”) and Yamba (meaning either “Headland”, “Carpet snake” or “Place of Yumbah", a type of shellfish).

See how this Big River of ours defines us?!

More Big River facts & Acknowledgement of Country

Clarence River view from the historic Ilarwill Quarry
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